Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Information You Can Use!

Here's the full version of the statement we've written about the project:

In the tradition of free schools and with a shared curiosity about learning, join us this summer on Saturday afternoons for free workshops, readings, and film screenings as we explore some of the ideas surrounding the exhibition “The Reverse Ark”. Workshops will investigate a range of topics such as interdependence, post-industrial production, storytelling, and community, as they pertain to practices as diverse as art, science, and public policy. The Reverse Ark Schoolhouse seeks to use the framework created by the Futurefarmers to generate dialogue in an art environment that is socially, politically, and environmentally relevant.

And, btw:

The Reverse Ark School is currently accepting proposals for workshops or events to be held in the gallery space this summer. Anything that may fit the parameters described by the project statement is open for consideration. Workshops can run from between 2 and 4 on Saturdays, but if we find there are more awesome projects than Saturdays that may be subject to change. The materials in the gallery from The Reverse Ark are available for use on projects. For more information, e-mail reverse.arkschool@gmail.com.

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